Senator Creem's bill protecting victims of domestic violence signed into law

 Governor Patrick signs into law Senator Creem's bill providing housing rights and protections for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.

DV bill signing edited and cropped

State Senate Passes DNA testing bill

In July, the State Senate passed Senator Creem's bill to grant convicted criminals the right to test DNA and other forensic evidence that might exonerate them, if there's a valid reason the testing was not pursued at trial.

Receiving the MACDL Legislative Leadership Award

Senator Cynthia Stone Creem receives the Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers 2011 Legislative Leadership Award


Cindy’s Priorities

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Senator Cynthia Stone Creem receiving the Parent Home Child Soaring to Success Award

Cindy’s Story

Cindy Creem has been proudly serving as State Senator from the First Middlesex and Norfolk district for 12 years. Learn more...

Senator Creem with her grandchildren
Sponsored Legislation

This bill would provide a method for certain immigrant youth under 21 to begin the process of becoming permanent lawful residents. The bill would apply to unwed immigrants under 21 who are dependent on a state court with jurisdiction over custody and care of juveniles, and for whom a state court has determined reunification or return to the home country is not in the youth’s best interest, because of abuse or neglect. Currently, Massachusetts law does not allow youths aged 18 to 21 to obtain the necessary findings to qualify for special immigrant juvenile status. 

— An Act relative to special juveniles

This bill would require that taxicabs prominently display information on the driver (including a photo-ID) and the company that owns the vehicle.  This would provide an extra measure of protection for riders, who may currently find it difficult to make such identifications in case of a problem.


— An Act enhancing identification of taxicab operators

This bill would Include transportation costs in the special education circuit breaker formula used to calculate reimbursement thresholds. 

— An Act relative to special education transportation costs

This bill would create a Vulnerable Road Users Safety Commission to study and make recommendations on how to make the roads safer for vulnerable users, including bicyclists and pedestrians.

— An Act relative to the creation of a vulnerable road user safety commission

This bill would prevent the sale of residential furniture and children’s products containing TRIS, PBDEs and other fire retardant chemicals which are of increasing concern due to their toxicity and their pervasiveness in the environment.  

— An Act to protect children and families from harmful flame retardants

This bill creates new requirements for state outdoor roadway and parking lot lighting. When new lighting fixtures are installed, they must be fully shielded to prevent light from shining upward and reducing visibility of the night sky. The law will not apply if: federal law pre-empts; lighting is in use by emergency or repair personnel, at airports, special events, or for historic illumination; urban areas with nighttime pedestrian traffic; prisons and jails; or when other compelling safety interests may occur. 

— An Act An Act improving outdoor lighting and increasing dark-sky visibility

This bill would remove mandatory-minimum sentences for certain non-violent drug offenses, while leaving them in place for sales to minors and for inducing or abetting a minor to sell. It would also leave in place the existing maximum penalties for each offense.


— An Act to repeal mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent drug offenses

This bill would address a growing problem by shifting control over posthumous access to e-mails, to the e-mail account-holder rather than the e-mail provider -- which currently has control and can do as it wishes with a decedent’s e-mails.  An account-holder would be able to specify whether or not the provider should grant his or her next-of-kin access to e-mails in the account.  In the absence of any such order, the family would be able to gain access, with proper proof.

— An Act relative to access to a decedent's electronic mail accounts

The long-standing alcohol excise tax has not been increased in decades.  This bill would adjust this tax to reflect inflation, and would raise tens of millions in revenue yearly.  

— An Act to update the alcohol excise tax

This bill would tax smokeless tobacco products at the same rate as cigarettes.

— An Act relative to smokeless tobacco excise tax

This bill would replace the existing law providing for mandatory life-without-parole sentences for first-degree murder, as applied to juveniles.  Last year, the US Supreme Court ruled that such sentences are unconstitutional if mandatory, because of the nature of adolescent development and juveniles’ diminished capacity for judgment and rational decision-making.  As a result, Massachusetts law on this subject is in limbo, with courts seeking guidance from the Legislature on how to proceed.  The bill would establish a framework within which juveniles could again be sentenced for first-degree murder, while recognizing that, as the Court noted, it is only in the rare case that “irrevocably imprisoning a child until their death,” without even the possibility of seeking parole at any point, is appropriate.

— An Act relative to juvenile life without parole sentences

This bill would allow otherwise eligible individuals to register to vote on the day of an election or primary provided that the individual has complied with required identification and residency requirements.

— An Act establishing election day registration

This bill provides for leave -- either paid or unpaid, and with documentation -- at workplaces of 50 or more employees, to address issues arising from an employee's status as victims of domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault. Up 10 to 15 days shall be available in a 12-month period, but only after the employee's regular leave has been depleted. 


— An Act to establish employment leave and safety remedies to victims of domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault

This bill would add non-carbonated beverage containers, including water, flavored waters and energy drinks, which account for 70% of the non-returnable bottles currently entering the waste-stream, to the deposit law. The bill also restores the Clean Environment Fund.  

— An Act updating the Bottle Bill

This bill allows drivers who successfully contest a ticket or E-ZPass violation to have the $25 appeal fee waived or refunded.

— An Act providing for the waiver of fees for contesting motor vehicle infractions

This bill reduces the special education circuit breaker trigger from 4x the per pupil foundation budget costs to 3x.

— An Act Relative to Circuit Breaker Reimbursement

This bill aims to lessen the property tax burden on senior citizens in the following ways:

a) Changes the repayment schedule for the Property Tax Deferral Program to offer a 12 month grace period of lower interest rates while the decedent’s family settles the estate.

b) Expands the senior “circuit breaker” tax credit by lowering the threshold for qualifying for the circuit breaker credit from property taxes in excess of 10% of the senior’s income to 8% of the senior’s income.

c) Allows Town Assessors more discretion to grant hardship waivers.

d) Creates an educational awareness and outreach program for elder taxpayers.


— An Act relative to senior citizen property taxes

Several communities have now increased the age for tobacco purchases.  This bill would expand this measure to the entire state.

— An Act relative to the age of tobacco purchase
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